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GG - Loving in the USA.

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Apr 7, 2006 | 7:40 PM EDT

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Author Comments

USA, a great country it is, but what is it with all the hate, All the wars...
All the killings...
Why can't we live in peace?
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Nice one, I fell for it. But where do you download the moskau song?

Gardevoir responds:

It's a moskau loop actually, if you want it, go to the Glock Group and contact me ;D


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The truth be told!

And, btw, _wally_... america IS killing innocents. We dont only kill the "attackers", we also kill the civilians. Soldiers take delight in the suffering of innocent civililians.
Thats why theyre there. The army thinks it need people like this, who will joyfully kill everyone they see thats not wearing US army uniform.


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You are aware that suicide attacks usually dont involve americans....Your also aware that this proves nothing. I turn on the news and see this everyday. Compiling all of this info doesnt do anything for anyone. Why dont you go over to Iraq and stop it all with your 2 hands? Do something usefull you pansy.


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Uh it was boring but informative.

Ya...sorta stupid at the end i tought it was gonna be like a info thing on how us sucks but then end was just dumb...


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ok first off....

it's not america that's doing the killing of innocent people. we are killing terrorists out there, not innocent lives ok? and it was the terrorists that attacked america first, your making it sound like america declared war on them for no reason. during clinton's administration they attacked us twice, and a year after bush became president, 9/11 happened. which makes 3 attacks. it took 3 attacks before we retaliate. usually when someone does something like that, it only takes one! we've been VERY patient with these guys for years!! we have to stop the terrorists, because trust me they just wanna kill everyone. and i bet you ANYTHING if they had a chance to kill you, they really would. honestly, these guys are fucking psychos dude. and besides, i don't hear you giving out a better solution. do you think we should just leave, and let them attack innocent american lives again? kill another 3,000, then do nothing about that too and just roll over and them piss in our backyard? look, if we declare peace, were gonna be the only guys actually doing peace. because these terrorists aren't gonna stop, and i know for a fact they do NOT want peace, they will only stop the killing when every single american is dead, and EVERYONE ON EARTH IS A MUSLIM. that's their goals, world domination man. but i mean, i would like to see peace, yeah i don't like seeing people die either. but it's a whole different situation with the terrorists man, they do not want peace they just wanna blow shit up.

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