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Foamy Got Blammed Collab

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The Foamy Got Blammed Collab. 20 artists and their thoughts.

Play all button doesn't work, I'll fix it later, sorry

illwillpress's absurdly lame and stupid submission 'iLLegal Immigrant' was tastefully removed by NG administration recently for those of you who don't know.

Collab produced by Inglor and the UCFD. Art pieces by alltime favorite artists like rtil, f00d, altf4, powerRangerYellow, EviLudy and much much more :)

Enjoy, and remmember to press that 0 button next time foamy makes a racist annoying tasteless movie.

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Lesser of two evils?

You sit here and roast on foamy for expressing his views, then turn around and do the very thing you claim to hate. this video is double standard at best and the animation sucked


Goodies from other times...

Too much time on your hands?

It's an animation. On the internet. All I can say is, if you don't like it, don't watch.

This particular animation is rather choppy. I suggest using more flowing frames. All of you. Better sound would also have made this piece more entertaining.


To Kamari-no-Hyrule, I salut you you, man. I seriously do.
I don't want to be rude or anything - HOLY FUCK THAT PICTURE JUST FELL!! IT FUCKING KNOWS!!! Sorry. - but I can honestly say I don't quite understand why people hate illwillpress so much. So what if he expresses his views? So do lots of people. And no one says a thing about it.
So, exactly, why is it that illwillpress is hated by so many, but loved by just as many?
Ah well, I'm now hungry for a burrito (thanks a lot -_-) so while I go contemplate why the hell some people hate Foamy and all that so much and eat, please enjoy the seven I give you. I can't entirely agree with what you're happy about - I really can't - but I did like the animation. Know what? I'm giving you a nine for the animation. A lot of Foamy fans are going to kill me, I just know it. With bagels, too.

Still great today

Because Foamy is still the same trite it was way back when.