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TMNT: Turtle Power!

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Shouldnt you guys be more worried that there are ninja turtles roaming the streets then what color headband they have on! I mean.... Ninja....turtles. WTF


Everyone loves turtles right? Well how many of you would waste time making a video to the theme tune! Turtles, if you are reading this, marry me.

Easter egg takes you to NG. Good luck finding it =P

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F_cking funny it made me laugh al the way through the video


It's bad...

Although this is probably not pertinent to anybody anymore, if you are doing something like this you need to be accurate to source material. At the very least all the colors of the headbands should be right, even if they don't match the weapon pairing.

nice try

lotta mistakes,don w/yellow mask,raph w/nunchaku,mike with purple mask and sai,art ok,sound ok,nice use of turtle merchandise and trying to be funny with the jack,therefore ok but i think you can do better


whats with the turtles makin love


The problem with flash reviews are that most people don't just review the flash, they have to complain that "naruto powers up too quickly" or "rapheal doesn't have the purple headband". Who cares, you're not supposed to review whether or not the resources/information used in the flash is inaccurate, you're supposed to review the f-in flash! Anyways, this flash was fair, I enjoyed, while not my favorite, it did have some good moments. I've been a fan of the turtles since I had eyes (child of the 80's as I am) and I personally found the mismatchings funny. Overall the flash was well timed to the music, and I enjoyed it.