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Kirby vs Metaknight

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I update it with my new "anime" kirby look, and its a lot better, I got rid of the FO loading screen too. Some of you may think I stole this from the person at Kirby's Rainbow Resort, but I didnt. 'know why? cuz thats me! :D

Anyway. Like the warning in the first two movies:

WARNING! Only Kirby fans should watch this. This movie is too cute for newgrounds!

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That was pretty okay. I guess I'm just used to seeing better stuff with Kirby. The voice was good. It's just that it was probably a bit too short. I see Kirby's Neo glasses. They make more sense with the other cartoons.

I like Metaknight's sword. It just wasn't that unique. You got down the designs pretty well. It's probably a bit too cute. It could have used more action. That's just what we expect here.

I LOVE KIRBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty cool animation,i thought it was Meta Knight who this battle...
I find cute to see MK sad but oh well,it's my favorite characthere!

Keep the good work! ^_^

I sorta liked it.

I loved the matrix part, but other than that it was kinda weird. Final Conclusion: OK but not my style: 5\10. Good Luck on your future flash from me and all of Newgrounds.


really nice