Detective Conan 1

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the update to this game has been permanently closed.
if there is a new game engine, it will be in a new submission, not here.


man i just got tired

i didn't beat it cause i got pissed off cause the game kept frezin when i went over certain items like the mirror in the daughters room the basketball in the boys room and the rope in the maids room. i just got plain tired of it frezin so i quit

dragonjet responds:

thanks for your help sir.
your reviw help me very much.
now i know whch parts to debug.
next release: mint version

:/ smh..

This game looks like it actually has potential to be a pretty good game. Just fix it.. Freezes to much.

Good one

The good points are that its quite a nice idea, and nicely well presented. But the bad points are you have no preloader, so the movie got stuck in the middle of the game. Second bad point is the graphics. They are terrible, and they are quite hard to understand. Other than that, its a nice game with a good idea but it needs ajustment (preloader) and needs a graphic makeover.

dragonjet responds:

sir what do you mean by "no preloader"? there is a preloader. i dont know what happened but it HAS a preloader.


It's obvious you put some effort in it and it looks fine. The freezing however is incredibly annoying...


Your Logic is too simple for me.
(Firstly, you just gave away the answer)
actually, I could have solved it without your spoiler, I'm telling you, your logic is too simple, the killer is too obvious, I mean, missing scissors, Failing grades, birthrights and stuff? too OBVIOUS!
Make the case more complex please.
but I'll still give you an "A" for your effort.

dragonjet responds:

i gave away the answers coz many people just cant understand whats happening in the game...they're not as smart as you...

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3.69 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
8:56 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click