Detective Conan 1

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the update to this game has been permanently closed.
if there is a new game engine, it will be in a new submission, not here.


hmm okey

okey lang naman pare. i like ur style with actionscripting. nice. I'm also currently making a conan game. addict ako sa detective conan

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dragonjet responds:

hey man.. gusto mo ng song nito..
check out detective conan 2..
di ko nga lang ma-submit ngaiun kasi 2 games per day lang pede ilagay...
baka bukas..

Really good

i though it was pretty good the style was good and the game was intesting tighten the graphics a little next time though


should tighten up the graphics a little bit. maybe have more options of where to go

I <3 Conan

buh im stuck... cant find the wrench, scissors, and the acid... i guess i just suck really really badly cuz ive been looking for like half an hour i swear (T_T) anyone wanna gime a spoiler? please? and i only found two of the clues... the blood on the carpet and the bye ben painting... Godam i suck.

and the music got annoying after a while. thanks for remembering to put in a shut-up option!

(^ ^)b ~i love conan!!

dragonjet responds:

here are some spoilers:
wrench and acid are in the toolbox.
scissor is in the pipe in the CR.
the secrets are.... secret! (^_^)

use rope in the left hallway to access the toolbox. use wrench on pipe to get the scissors.

you dont really need to have the items. what is important is that you know where they are. Its a part of the investigation.


It was a good game. Kinda like Clue almost. Please remake this better.

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3.69 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
8:56 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click