Detective Conan 1

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the update to this game has been permanently closed.
if there is a new game engine, it will be in a new submission, not here.


kept freezing

i got so frustrated with the game freezing that i quit, stop the freezing and try a little harder on the graphics and it would be a great game.

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dragonjet responds:

one thing i found here. i did not break the fonts. so many users may not see the correct alignment or size of the text. contributes to the freezing. will be fixed next version.

wait a second...

that kids from that old case closed show that was on adult swim at 5pm and i only saw it because i woke up for early cross country practice. wooooow i thought that was long gone- it was pretty interesting- unfortunately, i hate detective games. sorry

Keeps freezing

Whenever i go to the son's room, when i touch the basketball, it freezes! Also, to Holly304, Detective Conan is the Japanese version. Case Closed is what rhey call it in America.

Concept is nice, but--

1 point for effort.
1 point for nice idea.

Fix the kinks--

Clever game. Sloppy implementation.

I found it hard to get past the minimal graphics, broken english and the implausable clues. Much of the game makes no sense at all. Why do I have to find a secret door to end the game solve the puzzle. Am I trapped in the house for some reason?

dragonjet responds:

please check out the new version.
i edited the submission already.

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3.69 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
8:56 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click