Final Fantasy Anti-Smoke

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I had made this for my school project, however I thought it might be so cool as to try out and see what others think. I am not a smoker, nor will I ever be one. I am not making an attack on any smokers, and I respect their choice to smoke. I am a more neutral person on the subject, so don't start blabbing at me because it's an anti-smoking thing. When was the last time you saw an ad on tv that was saying "Go Smoke!"? Also if you cannot stand 8-bit graphics, please leave as you are not welcome here. Hope you enjoy it


I'm sick of hearing how bad smoking is!!!!!!

I get enough of this shit from those stuipid anti-smoking ads on tv every 10 minites that are generaly unclever. I don't smoke because it's "bad for my health"! I don't smoke because A: They taste like shit in the first place and B: because only an idiot would stick something on fire in his mouth! Seriously, would it be cool if lite up a fucking pencil and stuck it in my mouth!!! No! I'd look like a fucking idiot!!! but anyway, Newgrounds isn't the place to put your school homework. Try something better next time...

as you said...

in the words of yourself, BLAM!

Hell I'm Smoking right now.

Though it's obviously a message you wanted to get out, I think this might be the wrong crowd. I don't see too many republican right wingers here. The film had all right music, but bad sound effects. Novice use of sprites, with no real story. However it did get a one for nostalgia.

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it's ok

I like the fact that you are completely against smoking, those bastards should die in hell. Well they will, because they're just harming themselves. The background could've had more effort put into it, but the sprite animation was alright. Also, try expirementing with more customized gradients, the default ones look pretty bland.

IvanLythandar responds:

To be honest, I got really lazy with the gradients. I was in a rush to make this because I had about a day or so left to complete it, and I was sick for the entire time. So getting it done was more important.

i kind of liked this

it was pretty good

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Apr 6, 2006
7:12 PM EDT
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