Final Fantasy Anti-Smoke

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I had made this for my school project, however I thought it might be so cool as to try out and see what others think. I am not a smoker, nor will I ever be one. I am not making an attack on any smokers, and I respect their choice to smoke. I am a more neutral person on the subject, so don't start blabbing at me because it's an anti-smoking thing. When was the last time you saw an ad on tv that was saying "Go Smoke!"? Also if you cannot stand 8-bit graphics, please leave as you are not welcome here. Hope you enjoy it



that was cool lol heh heh


I'm not much of a judge of flash aptitude, but I enjoyed this submission. I think most people leaving low scores are being unreasonable especially since you explained your submission from the getgo. I happen to love all the final fantasy games and your submission was very nostalgic for me and captured your subject in a meaningful way for a classroom setting. Well done and good luck on future flash videos.


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First of all, there shouldn't be an argument over whether or not smoking is bad for you; it's stated that the movie was meant for a school project and should be expected to have some "facts" in it. I can only see a viewer arguing about a view because they've no sense of humor about the matter and should therefore not be welcome at a site like Newgrounds.

Arguments aside, it didn't quite have the necessary "punch" I'd look for. Yeah, it used FF1, but the fighting was a little clever... Recalling facts, Giving in, or Fleeing. Cute.

I don't normally call things gay...

But this was more gay then a room full of penises.

First off, yes smoking can kill you, so what, so can slipping in the shower and I don't see people stop taking showers. People who smoke have long lives anyway, nobody wants to live past 80 years old. People smoke to releve everyday stress and I hate when stupid anti-smokers push thier beilifs onto them. It's their body, let them do what ever they want to it. I hope your not one of the idiots who thinks second hand smoke can give you cancer.
(I am a non-smoker FYI)

Oh btw, I don't think the movie is gay for anti-smoking. I think it is gay and nerdy for ripping off 8-bit theater and using the crappy FF1 theme.

-Your Pal GoldCrow

IvanLythandar responds:

I have an idea, how about you try constructive critisism next time? Also I didn't rip off 8-bit theater. If you didn't notice, 8-bit theater is just a cartoon made with the sprites, and added some personalities to them. I have a single personality in there, and that was the +5 to charisma statement. Also I don't care if people smoke, I never got to pick the topic, so I'm not pushing my "beliefs" on anyone. Also, FF1 was an awsome game, and alot of people I know think it rocks. I also said that if you can't handle 8-bit graphics to just leave. You should have taken the advice.

um how do u spell crap lol no it was okish....

so ya try harder

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Apr 6, 2006
7:12 PM EDT
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