Final Fantasy Anti-Smoke

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I had made this for my school project, however I thought it might be so cool as to try out and see what others think. I am not a smoker, nor will I ever be one. I am not making an attack on any smokers, and I respect their choice to smoke. I am a more neutral person on the subject, so don't start blabbing at me because it's an anti-smoking thing. When was the last time you saw an ad on tv that was saying "Go Smoke!"? Also if you cannot stand 8-bit graphics, please leave as you are not welcome here. Hope you enjoy it


some how....

yea somehow i think that would actually work as an anti-smoke campaign, anyways well done and good luck on more upcoming projects.

It's okay

I usually like sprites but this was just okay for me. I think you just copied a little too much from 8-bit theatre which is getting a little boring over the last couple years (but i'm still reading), like the way red mage is obsessed with D&D.

Overall, you could've done better but nice try.


I agree

with the last reviewer , sometimes education and morality overrides entertainment and to enlighten people about the dangers of smoking and other dangerous stuff. good job and you get my support.


I like that you had the guts to put something that was morality over hilarity. You definetly get the highest possible score from me, because I abolish smoking in all forms. And, it doesn't have anything to do with what most of you call "Sissy stuff." It has to do with the things that get ruined as a side effect of such habits. Keep up the good work!


What, what, what! WHY is there something with moral value and a positive message on newgrounds! This is an outrage! Im sure this only got past judgement because i whent out to eat, that will teach me.

....or it could be that this is ok flash made with 5killz. Damn it.... its not that bad -_-

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Apr 6, 2006
7:12 PM EDT
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