Peoplemation Collection 2

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NOTE: Stop leaving these reviews sayin "OMG ITS A VIDEO LOLZORS!1111" ITS STOPMOTION!!!!!!!!
Plus, we're not 10. We're 13. We have just as much right as everyone else to submit movies.
Sonikaos- After days of work, we finally finished peoplemation 2.
Hope you enjoy it, and please, excuse the bad quality.
Megsiflower- i like being random, i dunno what to put but it is random.

If you wanna view it in high quality, look here bolt.com/megsiflower/vid

UPDATE: No we're not related, we're just friends.

Vote fairly!



Ehh, average, but I could have gone without you doing that scream thing right after the preloader. That scared the sh** out of me. But, very good stop motion!

not too bad

But you should probably stick to claymation instead, you have a REAL talent in that.

WT fuckin F

i dont think of you as 12 and 13 year olds. i think of you as 2 half brains nitwits who cant even made a worthy film. you think i dont have experience, ive been making stopmotions for way longer than you have. Im only 14 so wtf is with " i think youre retarded because you diss 12 and 13 year old ". you need to spend a whole lot more time on an animation than 2 days. way to bumpy. wasnt made in flash. it was windows movie maker and imported by video to it. that song wasnt weezer. and it just plan sucked ass.

megsiflower responds:

well i'm glad u loved it.
thanx 4 the review
really erm helpful

Well Done!

I love this sort of thing, very creative, funny, and not easy to do. I thought the jumping/flying sequence was very good; I bet it took you a few tries to do. I hope to see more from you both in the future. Regards, ZB. :)

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megsiflower responds:

thanx 4 the review

good job

Good job, very humorous. To everyone who said "it's not flash": if it's made with flash and flash supports it, then its FLASH. Or did you just want another crappy animation made with that stereotypical "flash" look? Oh, you did? Then go make another one while you sob quietly in your loserdom.

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megsiflower responds:

here is some1 who knows what they're talkin about!
thnx 4 the review

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3.20 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
3:59 PM EDT
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