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two brothers

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A short story/animation of two fighers. Another style i am practicing with. Lets say this is kinda a test.


I'm crying here T_T

I loved it, it was touching, I watched it repetively, it reminds me of me and my brother. the music has an erey soul peircing sence. the story eeh... but the basis of two blood born brothers fighting to see who is truly greater is whats awsome!


"Well one of the guys died so I cant make a sequal on both of them now. But thanX for your review"

is what you said to one reviwer....I think different. First you named it 2 Brothers...if they're siblings why do they fight eachother? I know to be king, but is greed the only thing that's driving them? What I'm gettin at is there is so much to be expanded on in this short clip. You could definately make a series out of this on explaining these characters stories alone. So a prequel if you will.

I liked the music you chose it made it dramatic and the narrative was good, but could be deeper. Great style of animation too..although if this was practice I imagine what could be if you're really determined. Anyways nice job!

evolart responds:

Thank you. A prequal sounds cool. ThanX for the advise. Also i re edited it to have like a cruble paper feel to it. So check it out.


It was very good. The music was a bit annoying...

Also, some of the storyline wasn't necessary.


this is a great flash i liked the music u used ^w^

sad and SICK

Dude dis rocks! I totaly love the song it sets the mood of the viwer also I like how you combined the skeleton forum and a normal skin like in those cartoons!

-Your skills in art are wounderful they can take you to your full extant in art but there will never be a full exten to your art becasue art can go as high as you want it to go. also Yoyokilla, your a jerk! you could at least give the guy some credit! I mean grant it I have never made a flash flic b4 but this frigen rocks! and who cares if teh art was not so grate and who cares it was short and who gives a carp. I loved it thoue! good job man keep up teh good work Evolart

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3.59 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
8:23 AM EDT