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two brothers

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Author Comments

A short story/animation of two fighers. Another style i am practicing with. Lets say this is kinda a test.


'Mask' Rip-Off

I'm sorry but this is just a poor mask rip off. The storyline wasnt good at all, I mean it didnt have a plot or anything... It'd have been better if it didnt have a story at all, and was just a random fight, cause the story only made it worse... The song wasnt that great either and what really bothered me was that you stole the complete concept of 'Mask' and didnt change much about it... you just changed how the characters looked, added some text and some different moves but well that doenst make it original...
The graphics were quite good I gotto give you that, but thats all I'm gonna give...

He forgot to mention a couple things...

Besides his epic, well thought out, non-cliche story line, the entire feel of the 'movie' was inspired ( I'd go as far as to say stolen ), by Jeffrey Liu ( Thirstyforchicken ) , who submitted a movie called 'Mask' back in early 2005. You only need half of a brain to see that several animation segments were copied from TFC's animation ( which can be found here: newgrounds . com/portal/view/239365 | hate to link to something, but it is kind of necessary ). So, check it out. It's more than obvious. What annoys me is that the kid actually lies about it. All he needs to do is give him credit.

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"this is the story of two brothers"...AND ITS LAME

dude song was annoying, plot was thin and uninteresting and well it just was boring. I liked the concept but it wasnt displayed well i mean its just two dudes fighting for about thirty seconds and a short and un-sweet celebration of the new king. Heck if anything, they both should be trying to kill the person singing! in short, take your time and get some friends to review it before you go public.

Not impressed

I thought the story line was kind of lame, and so was the song. You have a long way to go before you'll be any good. Keep trying.

Next tiime make something appealing

If ur gonna do a practice flash make it something appealing to todays flash audience

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Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
8:23 AM EDT