two brothers

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A short story/animation of two fighers. Another style i am practicing with. Lets say this is kinda a test.


Pretty good

This was prety good. I lke the tragedy part, the combats ood, and even comes with a story


I was expecting something else from it because the music was telling me a different story - like i was expecting a tragedy of neither brother wanting to battle each expecting to see some kind of pain as each brother went on...

So i was little let down with the street fighter type of win..but all in all the animation was well done


It was very good. The music was a bit annoying...

Also, some of the storyline wasn't necessary.

Amazing!..........dont say Mask anymore!

Everyone who sad that ITS SHIT and YOU JUST COPIED MASK ....
you are idiots! Baaka! It has own soul and beauty! Good story, good music and good animation..........
Its not like a mask at all! And Mask cant say that when they fight and look at each other is his work! Its normal for fighting films and i saw it for hundred times! Jackson didnt say that ogres or glum is his or Underworld didnt say that vampires and lycans was their idea,too. but look at all GOOD and OSCAR films - everything was there but they give something special to it and its amazing! Inspiration must be so be quiet and be happy that someone like your AMAZING MASK too and do something like that! Baaka!

Music was the best choice! I dont think that something heavier would create a good contrast....its fight between two brothers and not like hollywoods films with heavy rock music. I feel it like they dont want but must fight and music say that.
And if you do it in color nobody say that its like mask.....stupid.
PS I like TWO BROTHERS much more then mask! Good work

Cool short flash movie

I liked how the charcaters moved and the actual animation was pretty cool also. Got to ask one thing though, whats with the music??

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3.59 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
8:23 AM EDT