two brothers

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A short story/animation of two fighers. Another style i am practicing with. Lets say this is kinda a test.


Great style.

I loved your style to this flash! It was so original and it's something I would like to see a lot more of on Newgrounds. The graphics were great! I loved how you just used sketches of the characters. It was simple. Though the black and white style fit this flash color would have been nice. I would have also liked to see some backgrounds. Some mountains would have made it look really good. Like I said before great style to this flash! I was really into the whole story thing going on with a little part of the story and then you acted the part of the story with animation. I gave you an eight for sound because the music was a perfect fit for this flash. I liked the action scenes going on but I wish there was a lot more of them! A little more action scenes and blood spray wouldn't have hurt. Great job makeing this flash and like I said a million times before I love your style! The only thing I could ask for improvement wise is make backgrounds, add some color, and of course make it longer! Although I said a lot of things need improvement this was still a very good flash! I can see why this got Daily Feature! Once again great job!

cool one

that was a pretty nice animation. could've used more color and i found the song to be pretty sappy, but the graphics were pretty good and it was fun to watch.
i liked this one, good work on it and congrats on winning a daily feature too.


what was the deal did you draw it yourself it look's like it was shected you could have don better it kind a reminded me of my brother and i we would kill each over for a reson like that but i still liked it.

new style

i like the style... its rather... well eye catching...
The ending was a bit... well the word plain just doesnt quite fit... it was definitely missing something...
But over all it was really good

Very well played; however...

The ending is rather odd, not so much the ending where one brother dies, the ending where you present the new king which is an oddly drawn picture of the character with his head slumped to the side and his name written on the backdrop. If I were you, I would make the ending of the beholdment of the new king as artistic as the rest of your piece.

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3.59 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
8:23 AM EDT