two brothers

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A short story/animation of two fighers. Another style i am practicing with. Lets say this is kinda a test.



it was ok
but the ending was kinda dissapointing
the song you had going was good at first then got annoying
but it was overall good flash


it looked like u had a good flash ...it was there and then all of a sudden "the end" ...you could have added more story ...like im guessing he was the evil one ...maybe leads the kingdom to ruin or something but the ending was so sudden and ...that just made me give u a 5 ...take ur time and add more to a flash ...dont just rush it but the short part u did make was good.

cool but ended to quikly

ummm.... yeah this was pretty good i like the drawing techniques i am currently lering to draw and use flash and i hope to be submitting my first flash to newgrounds and i hope it doesnt get blammed anyway i like this submition

Nothing special, but not bad

Aside from the nice visuals, there's very little to this Flash.

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It was ok

I liked that it had a running storyline and such. But because of that, I know nothing of the character's attitudes, the kingdom they are fighting to rule, or anything else.
Nice fight scene though. Judging for the character drawings, the "bad" guy won? :P
I only say because one had a rough face and the other had a more calm face. But I am just jumping to conclusions.
Again, it was average to me.

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3.59 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2006
8:23 AM EDT