April 5, 2006 –
October 17, 2007
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Delete it. Randy Orton submitted this


this was really the funniest thing i ever saw..

im not queer or anything but dicks r beta than this,this is mayb the dumest horiest thing ive seen

This makes me want to harm people.

Its not very funny just moveing a simple image around but thats not what gets my spine in a not. you cant use some one elses rant or recorded work with out the persons concent. did you get the ok to use foamy's voice and rant? thats called copy right

any way it was not that funny and looked more like a screen saver

Nuke The Gay Squirrels for Jesus

uhhh wut the hell are u trying to say?

-Atleast his stuff is drawn and not relying on popular game sprites to get him high votes.
-His movies might not be original, but atleast his characters are.
-Atleast his movies are synced with the voice.
-Atleast he makes tweens not as clunky as you tryed to replecate them
-I don't mind sprite movies, just the sprite artists who think they are "the shit" and better then another person, when sprite anis are the lowest form of animation, not my opinion, fact.
-I kinda liked it better when you were playing that game and not making animations. Keep killing blue crabs, someday you will achive your life dream and be level 75, keep shooting for the stars Michael.

You deserve several awards, good sir. You managed to make motion tweens (omg!) with a sped-up voice! You are the most amazing flash artist I've ever seen. God, submit more. Please!


Seriously man, use our times more wisely. If you ever feel the need to make a better flash than that peice of... No one will watch it, simply because you will be known as the guy that makes horrible flash videos, if you can call that a flash. When you make a flash, don't hurry to get it out there, take your time with it, make it good, something everyone will want to see again and again and again... Don't rush it, NG isn't going anywhere man.

I appreciate your spoof, you put more effort into this flash than illwillpress put into his last 5 flashes combined. I'd give you a 5 for the humor of this spoof but since you're going for turd I gave you a 0. Good luck!

Oh, the speech is almost inaudible, I wish it were a little clearer/louder.

this is an amazing parody, it basically just sums up all of illwillpresses rants in a few seconds.

If this doesnt get A daily award I will be pissed

OMG im the savior of this movie yeah i protected it i liked it alot

From what I've heard about some lesser Foamy movies, this seems to parody them. The motion tweens looked pretty good compared to Ill's if that was the effect you were going for.

Like I said... A tad -too- fast. Then again, any slower and it'd sound like a -major- Foamy knock-off, so, can't help ya there ^^;

Anyway, I like the idea, funny ^^

lol, it's like illwillpress, but better, because it's not by him. :-D

is this supposed to parody illwill XD


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