Generic Blaster (BETA)

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I game i made, i really wanted to put some cool FMVs in it, but, i just don't have the time...enjoy.


Hope you keep working on it

I think that this game has a lot of potential. Right now I like the way the game looks and the jet pack was a nice touch but I love how you used the Contra theme for the sound (very cool). The game needs work and I would like to sugest maybe making extra movement options such as ducking and adding new weapons

Very cool!

I hope you keep doing more games. Cheers!


Better then the last game i just played


i think you can do better but nice try

iii!!!Nice One Mate!!!iii

that rocked, thx dude, i wish ya would of carried on with it though but hey, its still great and as i see its in BETA so hopefully you'll compleate it, i only got to the second level unfortunatly lol, but i thaught the character was kool and reminded me of some sort of Space marine type of hero judging but the armor.
And the Terrain was nicely done could of been done a tiny bit better but overall it was great!
The only problem i found with this game was the noise's and sounds, the weapon he use's sounded like a sponge dart shooter lol, sry to say but thats what came to mind.
Overall i found it to be absolutly Brilliant and if you dont mind i'd like to know where you found/got the action scripts for this please if you would reply a link to me or e-mail it to me i'd greatly appriciate it, thx mate.


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2.96 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2006
1:06 PM EDT
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