Book of Mages

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I have been using Flash to make shooting games, action games, platform games, but this is only the second attempt on making a RPG game.
In this game you can choose to join one of the six clans, and decide to join the evil side or the good side, learn magics and climb the Ranking ladder.

Hope you like it.
I have tested this game for countless times, so hope there is no more bugs.
Will be working on part two for this game, so feel free to leave comments, tell me why it is good or why it sucks. All feedbacks are welcomed!
Hi, I have made some adjustments to the game, fixed the Chaos Fire Mage special bug, and inceased mana regeneration by 1(tips-sea water mage will only cast mana burn if you have 13 mana or more).
Thanks everyone who has played/reviewed my game, I received alot interesting suggestions from the reviews. Wont be editing this game except fixing bugs, but I will improve the gameplay and the combat system on the next part of the Book.
Again thanks for taking the time to write reviews!

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Very simple yet good game. I like the story in general and the clan system are nice, never thought only water and fire based clan could be interesting enough.

I need to say that Red Fire clan are overpowered, I could defeat anyone with Chaos Fire clan and can't even win from Red Fire clan due to their cheap high mana drain + good high and low attack.

I also encountered glitch. After defeated in the Great Mage contest with using Chaos Fire, I then switch to Red Fire and even from the beginning, the arena have Senior Mage, Powerful Mage, and High Mage with rank. Its impossible to defeat them in the beginning!

Anyway looking forward for more update, good job!

It was very good in all. Just fix the spelling, make the fire red clan a little less powerful and you should be good.
Sigh... I was THIS close [ ] to becoming great mage and averting the disaster! I'm gonna try this again...

Awesome <3

Oh fuck, i was looking for this game about 3 weeks! Finnaly found it here! So happy. ^^

10/10 5/5

Ranking 1!
Well loved by clan!
The Most Evil Mage in History!!! Buhwahwahwa!!!

Also known as Satan.

By the way if you play by red fire mage you rank 1 long before becoming the great mage. I mean normal drain + redfire drain pwns just about everyone. Talk about balance distruction... great game though! Haven't wasted my time like this in a long time~


I got really annoyed because I was calculating how many months I had to train and still have enough time to beat the number 1 mage before the election, and I was going to finish one month 11. Unfortunatly, the election IS ON month 11, so I only got 2nd place D:< But the game was amazing, and I really enjoyed it!

My stradegy was to block all of the enemies attacks while I drained their mana until they couldn't fight, and then destroyed them. I combined this with the drain skill of the red fire clan, and I become UNSTOPPABLE!>:D

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4.35 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2006
12:18 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG