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Star Quest II (Part 3)

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Star Quest: Episode 2 (FLASH 8)
Rocky Vs. Raging Bullwinkle Part Three

BLURB: The final battle between Berk & Jakoff, involving 30 siberian hamsters, Stallone, Jesse Jackson and the KKK. Watch Parts One & Two first, or else this wont make any sense!!!
(Due to alot of SFX and camera movements, this may be laggy on slow computers with ram under 256megs)


I thought it was nice.

The story line is a little shaky, but I think it's good enough to pass besides that, good job.

Tonsil-Hockey responds:

cheers... I think

Well, it should've been blammed.

I'm not sure why this has done so well. It doesn't make much sense, and isn't very funny. However, it shall obviously pass, since at last review, it was at 3.44. I, however, thought that this sucked.

Tonsil-Hockey responds:

helps if you watch all three of the parts for this episode, then it will make more sense. Everyones entitled to their opinion, thnx for the well written comprehenisve review.

A job well done

It was really good movie, the style was a lot like south park (in the humour and the character design). What I really want to know is what the music for the credits is, i really liked it. Please tell me!

Tonsil-Hockey responds:

hey you got it! It was Good Girl by Mad capsule Markets, a great kick ass japanese band. Originally we were gonna use push it to the limit again, but I wanted that song instead, cos with the push it song in the credits, it just didnt seem right. THnx for your review, glad you enjoyed the show (I hope you watched part 1 & 2....)

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3.54 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2006
8:32 PM EDT
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