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Ok, Who saw the Hitchhiker's Guide? ...And who loved the Dolphins? Everyone? -Good! This's just a little something featuring the Awesome opening music from the film, plus a TON of unlockables -4! Very many thanks to Tom and all you Wizards of the Web at Newgrounds! N-joy ^_^
-Update! With greatest respect to the late Douglas Adams, this really is a tribute to him and his most incredible work. Thanx again, everyone, for your comments. -N.Grounders Rock!


Nothing outstanding here

Gotta agree with sliver321123 to some extent. The movie had to be "dumbed down" for 21st Century American audiences to the point where most of the REAL, subtle humor of the stories was just chucked out the window. Just look at all of the crappy remakes the studios are pumping out these days, it's the same across the board. If they can throw a few bucks to a writer or actor who was involved in the original in exchange for tacking their name in the credits, it helps give the appearance of having their blessing. (In this case, once the guy's dead you can F--- around with the product all you want!)

As for the flash, well, the music was already done for you (what does the RIAA think of this sort of usage, anyway? I'm curious - they seem to be after everyone else's ass...). The story (as it was) was also pre-existing. Though I give you some points for the crisp animation. If I hadn't seen the movie AND the TV series then this flash might have struck me as having some sort of novelty.

AntonyC responds:

The RIAA Wishes me to redirect all the Monetary assets accuired in said utilization of precopywritten materials to each of said material's particular owner and/or lisence holder.
So... I gave them all the money I made out of this... -nothing.

Nice job

The hitch hikers guide to the gaxely books are soooooo much better then the movie and funnier too but anyways I really enjoyed this.


I liked it. makes me kinda want to see the movie. lol.. but really nice job. I loved it.

'ang on a tick...

more to the point, who read the books? cripes, every time something ingenius is skewered by hollywood, people forgot where it came from. anyway, awesome movie, fantastic all around. here's hoping for more in the future.

AntonyC responds:

Who reads the books?
I'm sure I'll get around to it once I've finished Adams' fantastic radio series ^_^!

Wow I just saw the actual movie a few days ago...

Very nice! Very funny and alot like the movie!

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