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Ok, Who saw the Hitchhiker's Guide? ...And who loved the Dolphins? Everyone? -Good! This's just a little something featuring the Awesome opening music from the film, plus a TON of unlockables -4! Very many thanks to Tom and all you Wizards of the Web at Newgrounds! N-joy ^_^
-Update! With greatest respect to the late Douglas Adams, this really is a tribute to him and his most incredible work. Thanx again, everyone, for your comments. -N.Grounders Rock!


A work of art!

Great job! Your art was great, and I liked that song. The book was great, but CONFUSING! :) Anyway, they should've put this in the movie instead of what they had. This is WAY better. Good job!


HHGTTG!!!! Best movie!! Your movie, BEST FLASH!!!!!!! I loved the movie AND the books! Thank you for making this!!!!!!!


wasn't hitch hickers guide to the galaxy just great. I mean just Peachy(to all you yanks peachy kinda means good.ps the irish will pwn you biotches)

That was so TOTTALY radical~>!!!

love you! ur r so totally good in this...
i ever watch the movie.it make my kidney burst you know of all the laughing... i hope you could make a bloopers out of it!!

Thank you

You, sir, have just made my day. I love the Hitchhiker's books, love the movie (books were better, but I still like it,) and I LOVE that song!

I found your graphics to be smooth and well-done. Maybe a little cartoony but... (Probably what you were going for.) The rockets were a very nice touch as well.

The menu was pretty dang good, too. Kudos for the little "easter egg" at the beginning.

...(For heaven's sake, that song always makes me crack up. Don't know why; it just does. I applaud you for using it.)

All in all, a 10/10. ^_^

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Apr 4, 2006
5:42 PM EDT
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