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My friend woke me up at 1am and told me that they needed a project for school that same day too (They needed their poem to be in a presentation but they didn't want power point). So I said "WTF?! NOW?!". Uninspired and friggin' tired, they gave me their lame poem (had to edit it a bit but left some cheap parts so it will still seem like their work and finished it in about 5hrs.) I also had school that day so *sleeps in 1 class*. Anyway, I thought I might put it up here and see how it fares. Yeah I know its cheap stuff so don't be too harsh on the bad comments. Tnx

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So strange i just couldn't blam it...

i think it was the ff III(us) music or maybe the.... okay it was the FFIII(us) music... god damnit

swordflip responds:

its was ff tactis, ff7 and megaman zero 2. u couldnt blam it just because of the music? the flash sux man, and u knw it


1.god dam that sucked.
2.how long did it take u to make that.
3.if u really cared about the inviroment u would be picking up trash at a park or protesting nuclear power.

but its a good message for anyone to hear

swordflip responds:

if you read what i wrote about the movie you would know that this wasnt for my class. i know it sucked, so yeah! WHo0o0o0o00o!

i feel as though im in biology i hate you.

No, you do not bring ff7 down like this, because thats where the music came from. I hate you it was like a lecture just because of this I will go and spray 10 cans of hairspray into the sky. I hate you so much, and through you i now declare war on nature! All who wish to join me rate this submission badly! BURN YOUR TIRES AND STRYOFOAM ALL NIGHT LONG!

swordflip responds:

go ahead. environment sux anyway. haha! Who0o0o0o! BURN ALL TRESS!!!!!!!!!! And PLANTS! AND SHIT! YEAH!!!!!!!!!


ok, it's poetry, and it's a slideshow of images blah blah.. for your friends blah blah and was made in a sec blah blah...

now ask yourself: does that worry someone here on newgrounds?

swordflip responds:

uhm. i dont knw. does it? maybe. anywayz i dnt rili care if it worries someone or not. (even if you mean me) haha! Who0o0o0o0o0!


Ouch my ears, OUCH my eyes! I couldnt even watch it to end. This is awful!

swordflip responds:

k, haha!

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Apr 4, 2006
12:26 PM EDT
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