Moroni's March

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^^2nd Update Approved!(Make sure title screen says v. 1.1, if not, clear your cache and refresh)^^
This time the land creation and dude frying bugs are really fixed. :D
++1st Update Approved (See fixes below)++
1.Pan with the arrow keys
2. Press "P" to pause and look around at leisure
3. Shortcut keys (press the number then click on the troop to apply it to): 1=the first skill in a class (dig for a peasant, attack side for a melee, shoot normal arrow for an archer, heal for a spiritual troop) 2=the 2nd skill in a class, 3=the 3rd skill. Remember, you must be at least a level II in a class to use the 2nd skill and a III to use the 3rd skill for that class.
4. Bugs related to panning with the hand fixed. (No more startDrag() problems!)
5. Timer related issues smoothed out

**Please read the in-game instructions for maximum enjoyment**
You're Captain Moroni. Direct your obedient troops to the capital city of Zarahemla to rescue the chief judge.

--100% Destroyable Terrain
--12 Levels (click on the map dots to move up)
--4 Bosses
--Auto-save feature


Bad bugs, good game.

Overall, the game was well put together.
Good news:
The graphics were superb. For the engine capabilities of flash, the suited this style of game well. Although the music was repetative, it fit the game, and wasn't annoying. The use of many different "skills" was a nice addition. Overall, a game worthy of a company buying the rights to, and making a full fledged game out of it.
Bad news:
This game is pierced by bugs. Many that I noticed when first playing were fixed with the latest addition. Although, some were still present. One of the minor bugs was a small time lapse when the game was momentarilly paused. The timer would start again as soon as the game was unpaused (for whatever reason), but it still had a short delay before your troops would begin to move again. The delay was roughly 20 ticks. The fighters attack-side skill does not work properly. For me, the only way to stop him was to demote him. Also, he is not needed to win the game. There are more issues, but others have already mentioned them.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks, I'm flattered you think the concept is worthy of a real company buying it.

Bugs bugs bugs...I know, but once burn out sets in there's not much I'm willing to do.

That gave me a headache...

Great Idea, great graphics.. bad gameplay... It was just to hard to comprehend with everything that was going on... Nice graphics though... Keep up the good word

Very frustrating

After I get the people to stop, I have absolutly no clue how to get them to go again. There are just too many frustrating aspects of this game to make it enjoyable. I'll need to slow down the game to 1 to pay gems to get the people to stop from going over a bridge being built and can't get them going again. If one person digs 1 hole, it's impossible to get the person out of the hole. This game is way too frustrating, sorry.

Bugs up the wazoo

The bugs in this game render it completely unplayable.


It was Ok but i didnt like how you couldnt make him stop or turn around without paying gems or whatever u call them
it couldve been better

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2006
2:34 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other