Moroni's March

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^^2nd Update Approved!(Make sure title screen says v. 1.1, if not, clear your cache and refresh)^^
This time the land creation and dude frying bugs are really fixed. :D
++1st Update Approved (See fixes below)++
1.Pan with the arrow keys
2. Press "P" to pause and look around at leisure
3. Shortcut keys (press the number then click on the troop to apply it to): 1=the first skill in a class (dig for a peasant, attack side for a melee, shoot normal arrow for an archer, heal for a spiritual troop) 2=the 2nd skill in a class, 3=the 3rd skill. Remember, you must be at least a level II in a class to use the 2nd skill and a III to use the 3rd skill for that class.
4. Bugs related to panning with the hand fixed. (No more startDrag() problems!)
5. Timer related issues smoothed out

**Please read the in-game instructions for maximum enjoyment**
You're Captain Moroni. Direct your obedient troops to the capital city of Zarahemla to rescue the chief judge.

--100% Destroyable Terrain
--12 Levels (click on the map dots to move up)
--4 Bosses
--Auto-save feature


Nice game!!

I LOVED your game! keep it up!

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That game is so much fun!!!! I played it for ages and completed it YAY!!!!

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Theres a glitch

1. When priest heal himself, no money is spent.
2. when archer lvl 3 finishes level, he hurts others.

But this is based on the Mormon Religion.....

Still cool, nonetheless. Very well done, even more awesome since it's based on a religion, right? ^_^ It's just a really sucky thing that I was raised to think that Mormonism was some sort of cult that used to/in some places still believes that people with dark skin are "cursed" by God, who lives on some planet orbiting a star not too far away, and that the only way that these "cursed" people will get to heaven is by being slaves to the white man..... aaaaaaand I am so totally getting my ass kicked for saying that, but so what, it's the truth. I was raised in Utah in an entirely Mormon town, so suck it. P.S. I'm a nondenominational Christian.

BUUUUUUT! It's still a very good and well-made game!!!! That's why I gave it a 5 to make up for my assholeness!

Good game but...

I can't quite figure out how to get the little guy to stop an action. Also, the "p" key doesn't pause the game like stated. Solid game otherwise.

P.S. If anyone knows how to make the little guy stop an action... for the love of god tell me.

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2006
2:34 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other