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The Art of Fighting NS2P2

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The Art of Fighting Naruto Special 2 Part 2

Here it is, the 2nd part of that there were supposed to be 1 whole.

Not much to say ? Watch 1st Part and enjoy !


rasengan biatch!!!!

the name says it all! lol great job i loved first one and the second is great! you deserve to be hokage! lol

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Umm... This has nothing to do with the movie which by the way is excellent but... If you knew anything about sprites Jeff_Studios, You would know that there are no Ino, Hinata or 4th Hokage sprites in The Second game format. I would know about the sprites because I currently have an action/adventure Naruto game in the works. By the way, on one of your movies the extra fight it took all those people to defeat Kabuto. Yeah, It would take that many people to beat him. (Big Kabuto fan)

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much much much better then part 1 and also the ending was sort of unexpected cuz i thought it was gonna b a double ko but it came out that naruto won (as always)

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Great way to end it.

This was another great episode in your series having 3 outstanding fights,the pace was good & quick and the moves were cool i really loved the part where Naruto got the 9 tailed fox energy out of him but the better fight in my opinion was the one with Sasuke & Rock Lee cause it was longer,faster and more entertaining plus the music was better too i could also say the same with the Naruto/Sasuke fight so overall it was three great fights and overall a fun watch.

Good movie.

I disagree with the second to last review before this one. The one on the left is not always the winner.

You never know who's going to be the winner.

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Apr 4, 2006
1:39 AM EDT