MTTT ep1

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haha oh god if you watch this know that it was in no way serious and it's really old and I did it only to waste time and annoy faggots
and if I do make another it will be even more amazign

this episode is more of an intro, the next episodes will be longer and better.

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Rock on Virus \m/

This rocks. The voice on Master Chief was the only thing that really annoyed me, but its not that bad really. Make more soon, cos liek, this pwnz most of the stuff ive seen in recent times.

Lolz, 5 from me.


Wow that was funny as hell....very random but yah keep up the good work

TheVirus5666 responds:

can i have a free burger at macdonalds


dis is so in da hood, dawg


your score at passing was the minimum needed to get in? 1.61? that's pretty damn cool. but seriously the voice for princess peach was horrendous. and so was most of the voice acting. frankly i liked it better the first time you submitted it with no sound at all. goomba calling mario a fag is hillarious.

TheVirus5666 responds:

lol, the movie wouldn't be funny if I did serious voice acting, the princess' voice was just a part of my cradle of filth parody since they're so fucking gay 8)^________^;;;;;;;;:GRG:RG:::::;:_^^Æ^^Æ^*`?%

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2006
2:47 PM EDT
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