SSBM : C.Falcon's Chaos

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cmon guys..i'm a Nintendo fan and also used to be one of Pokemon..but comeon..there is no problem Seeing Pikachu get a asswhooping ''cry''

hi guys,
SSBM, thats right, there arent many SSBM movie's so i thought i made one, you guys are going to love it, i was making this while stressing, because of school, No wonder i had all those sick punishments..for Pikachu =D

"Since you didnt know, i thought ide tell you. That Homer was made by Warner.
his website is freewebs dot com / warner12
(please note this is not an attempt to promote anything, but mearly to just let you know where the sprites orginated)" - SpiderMew



Great Movie.

I gotta tell you, that Homer was awesome. I mean, seriously. Kudos to whoever made that. Oh, and your movie was awesome too. I have this friend who always kicks my ass with Pikachu, so it's good to see it finally getting it's ass owned, so that made me feel good. Nice movie, make more!

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rebaz responds:

when i was reading this ......review...i was playing SSBM, and i ownedd!!!!!, well ...atleast i won 11 to -5 =D

glad ya liked it =D

awwww :(

poor pikachu falcon kicked his ass :(..... ah well

This was awesome

rebaz responds:

yea...feel bad for him....no i dont..

glad ya likd it



Pikachu is my only favorite pokemon outa them all. But hey, He too deserves some ass wooping over time.

Great job dude, the flash was very fluent and I loved how good you made it. *The music was a good touch as well*

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rebaz responds:

Heheheh, Thnx man! music was sended by dudel...from the game : Devil may cry ...i dunno wich part

A waste of time thats not even funny

a pathetic sprite movie of falcon kicking pikachos ass. pikacho cant even fight back and has his head snapped twice. this is why there are so few ssb videos...they all suck. however, the mario gate at the end is randomly decent.

PS: the homer character isnt funny and that "show your moves" is pointlessly gay

rebaz responds:

yea man i love you 2... =D

Flash by flashfreakout:
- none -

woow.....man...you fucking RULE!!


u are awsome dude this is going in my favorites big time it had awsome action and hard hitting punches and kicks

rebaz responds:

er....could you repeat that:P?

well glad ya liked it =D

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4.09 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2006
12:32 PM EDT