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ask nate 04

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sloppy larry productions presents: ask nate 04.
nate's drunk and in a bathtub. nate is really drunk. some of the sites readers wrote in and asked nate questions. so nate got drunk. this is what happened.

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lololololol again!!!!!

again man that was fucking funny !!!!!!!!! make more omg i was laughing so hard!!!!

mortimernova responds:

you can always ask nate a question... then he can get drunk and be nonsensical just for you...


how did 1 and 2 get thru the portal... this is retarded... belongs on ebaums or some other shitty site where people go to watch videos of fat men drink and mutter...

mortimernova responds:

like watching your dad take a bath?

sorta good

I like the idea, never seen that done before. I couldn't quite work out some of the stuff you where saying, but it was funny.

jack in a box :)

mortimernova responds:

less like a jack in the box... more like a monkey and an organ grinder...


I really liked this, could be a little bit longer tho. Btw, where you get the hat from?

mortimernova responds:

wow... everyone really likes that hat... that's creeping me out...


fucking awsome!!!

mortimernova responds:

woot? is that what wooden owls say?

"give a woot! don't pollute!"