Angel has Flown

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EDIT: 2nd place?! Not bad as my first one. Thank you for watching, voting and criticize my flash!

I was try to use WACOM Tablet as my tool for drawing and animating. Done in 6 days of drawing, coloring, animating, and editing in frame by frame, others in motion tweening. Although, not much detailed (especially in characters) and the animation was a bit choppy or my PC was slowing down. So, enjoy this animation and be judge.


you have talent!

if this is your first subbmisson, id say you have nothing to worry about as to regarding you stay here at newgrounds. not very often does a new artist get front page, and trust me you will! if not it's an outrage because you made something quite beautiful here. keep up the excellent work!


Probalby will make front page. I vote 5. The only submissions that get blammed or just sorry or pointless flashes. Newgrounds subcribes aren't as heartless as you think. They'll vote on great submissions fairly most of time. Just dont join a group like clocks or glocks and you'll be fine. Hope to see more. Great job overall.

*tears up*

Excellent flash all around. I loved the song! *writes down Orange and Lemons*. Don't even have the thought in your mind of ever getting blammed if this is your work constantly! Great job.


The animation was good, but I really h8 anime and that song was so... gay!

I love the angel things, i don't know why? :P

beautiful animation, I love that kawaii angel. cool BGM ;)

the scene when the guy is running it looks kinda funny try to correct it. it looks forced.

sweet job. keep on going!

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4.10 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2006
11:43 PM EDT
Music Video