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Kitten Apocalypse

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This is really an inside joke that got out of control.
Part 3 of the 'test' series. first 2 can be seen in ngjam1 and ng time trial 1-c.
I'm only dissapointed I had to delete almost half of it due to size constraints, and it really wouldnt work split up.

ps: its going to rain soon..


I loved it atfirst, but now i hate it......... WHY DID HE EAT A CAT 0^0 thats my favourite animal ;(

The first half of this was awesome! The second half really wasn't that good. I knew you'd show a kitten coming out of her. Pussy in every sense of the word! Well, not as in wimpy. It didn't show cats taking over the world.

That would have been cool. I love how the cats are set up. It actually reminds me of that Dogscape creepypasta. Wait, with cats that would be even worse! Do you know what they do with their genitals?

SickDeathFiend responds:

haha I remember dogscape.

nightmare fuel,but with something cute....cool! nice work!

This flash is fucking awesome, I'm adding it to my fav's.

this is just messed up i want to talk to the owner and when he ate the cat i puked

SickDeathFiend responds:

glad you loved it!

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4.06 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2006
10:59 PM EDT