Kitten Apocalypse

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This is really an inside joke that got out of control.
Part 3 of the 'test' series. first 2 can be seen in ngjam1 and ng time trial 1-c.
I'm only dissapointed I had to delete almost half of it due to size constraints, and it really wouldnt work split up.

ps: its going to rain soon..

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and then people wonder why I hate cats

What a good times to watch this as a kid.

Pretty cool lore, great animation and also nice voicing. Also enjoyed the gore and the kittens lol.

jesus man. i just wanted some family friendly kittens, not a bloodbath.

Awww cute little things... ^w^
... XD
Too bad, that i found it today, because of an soundtrack from here...
(Helix - Fear)