Reverb-Part 2

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Play the first one before this chapter-it will make no sense at all otherwise.

And this is the last chapter-there are no more Reverb games after this one.



Dude, nice gaem however....

1.when ever you enter a room in the building it makes a friking annoying sound.

2.The driving part is so cunfusing. It doesn't make any sense. And worst of all, you friking have to sit through that text and wait until you can try and figure it out.


cool but hard==> a,s,d,w couldn't you do arrow key

what the

what the hell do u do on the bit where it sais 'be rythmic' u no with the boxes , i only get up tp 1 arg


Yeah was fun and all but (yes but does mean bad) things happened so fast u dont have time to think (just so u know I LIKE THINKING). Was cool and i would like to c more of it as long as the HP goes down slower so when i step in the room i dont get shot up in less than a second (was less than a second but u get the point). Note im not saying u did bad cause i think this is great but (yet again but mean "BAD") give armor or some thing cause i want to LIVE for more than a SECOND after i c the GUNS.

Whoa.. it broke my speakers

Honestly!! it said "error this sound is so stupid the speakers wont support the sound"

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3.88 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2006
8:46 PM EDT
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