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OH MY FREEKING GOD! MY FIRST FRONT PAGE! AND I ALSO AM IN THE CLAY SECTION!!!!!!! same goes for my music video Scaramush! scaramush!! this is the happiest day of my life! i've been waiting for this for so long!!!! ive had really bad luck last week, my account was erased for a while... but this wonderful surprise just made my day...and my LIFE! i can finally get my name out there! im no longer just in the portal! so..so.. happy! what happened Tom? Since when did i start existingg? thanks so much tom! really!



I saw part 1 along time ago and laughed really hard. Part 2 was pretty good too, just a little too short.
I want to say that this series is probably so good because of the voices, jokes, plot (concentrating too hard, lol), and the expression of the characters.

I've watched part 1 and 2 each about 2 times now (i watched them once again before i watched this one to just brush up in the storyline once again). Great stuff. Funny the second time you watch it, even.

This one was just as good as parts 1 and 2. The frustration of that one red guy is so funny.

Part 4 should include the protagonist along with swat officers to arrest him but they all concentrate too long and all die. Hahahaha.


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First, congrats! Second, good series!
I had seen the first 2 parts before and was happy to see part 3 on front page. Also it's cool to see how excited you are, I remember that feeling too. It's a great one. Keep up the animations, you're good with clay and flash (Scaramush! was amazing) so keep it up.

All the best to you and your future work

AlmightyHans responds:

WOW! you actually saw my series! oh my gad...im really honored. you're an absolutley AMAZING animator. i think the only thing stopping you from pairing Corpse Bride is the right equipment... thank you so much for actually writting a review for me!



You finally made it frontpage Hans! :D
Really happy for ya dude :P
Hope your upcoming movies also get front, haha, this is awesum!:D:D:D:D


AlmightyHans responds:

i know CHRIS! this is one of the best days of my life


It is a realy great clay movie but why the fuck it is so fucking short
thats gay...

AlmightyHans responds:

dude... part 4 (wich is already done) is 6 min long. the file size is 59MB...they are short, because they would take up too much space


i liked this clay animation, most of the other clay-based animations suck balls....but you did good. The humor was original and kept going. I did see this a couple months ago...but it still is funny. Keep it up

AlmightyHans responds:

thanx so much! i wamted to see some more fast paced clay movies, so i tried it out and made it

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Apr 2, 2006
8:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Original