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Lovely submission

Interesting. Nice graphic, it has it's own style. I really liked the blod spots at the body. Poor guy =/ But you have to watch out for the road. But when I think about it the driver should have seen him because it wasn't anything in the way so he should have seen him when the boy ran out from the house. Well... Nice submission! I really liked it, but it doesn't go up to 10. I'm sorry, a strong 9!

Good egg!

I love that one. What spoiled it somewhat, was the out of sync sound effects. If that were trimmed up a tad, that would've gotten ten from me. But hey, it's not like that tiny mistake makes it crap. Far from it, mate. That was still a wicked animation, slightly odd and creepy but good. Well drawn, well put together, the soundtrack fitted... if there were such things as 9.9999999 in this rating system.. you'd have it, baby. Best believe you'd have it.


And along with life, comes death

It's very thoughful. And, in my own opinion, I agree. Just because everyone else wants you to be alive, that doesn't mean they can take away the death that was meant to happen. Well, there's no real harm to the one in a coma, but I think it's more painful to see someone live like that. Knowing their body is alive, but that the person you knew is already gone. Human existence extends beyond just the beating of the heart, and life is precious because of what someone can do with it. In that state, there really isn't much left to do...

Well, enough of that. The graphics were decent, and I like the idea of your flash movie. Some parts were a little bit choppy, but for a movie like this, I suppose it's the thought that counts.


Not to be offensive or anything... But I don't agree, as I'm not religious or anything. Life is a precious thing, and some people DO want a second chance. After all, defribillators were invented for that purpose. Well, maybe the quote is true to people who believe in that... Anyways, the sound effects need some upgrade (espicially the footsteps, when he's flying that kite).

FranciscoSoft responds:

yes, i konw life is the most beautifull thing we'll ever get, and im not religious, like you, but tellme, may u say that a deep state of coma, a lifeless body conected to a machine, wich breathes and pumps blood for it, is the same as this priceless gift life is?
i made this flash, cuz i read an argument pro euthanasia in the religious section of the newspaper (i konw it has nothing to do with euthanasia, but its the same way) and man, if i meant to die an accident, the last thing i want is to be kept alive in comma, till my parents have spent all their money on me, a literal piece of crap. thats the main idea. and about the sound, sorry, i was lazy to put diferente footstep sound, or to make it bia-actionscript, thats it!

Man that was moveing but I agree 100% that is life

No matter how you look at it. Good job by the way,keep it going.

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Apr 2, 2006
6:41 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place April 3, 2006