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No Loitering

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Author Comments

This is a fairly short Flash, it's less than a minute long. If you hate short movies, find your entertainment elsewhere. I'm going to make more shorts in this series, so check back soon.


nothin special

should add sounds....voices/background music....would make it better....pretty good graphics.....maybe make it a little longer....really like the pie exploding animation at the end though :)

Cenarion responds:

Thanks. I'll add some voices and music to future projects, and they'll have a bit more... length. :)


Pros: It has some pretty cool looking graphics.

Cons: There isn't any sound in this.
It's pretty short and random.

Add voice overs and maybe some music, also make it longer.


Cenarion responds:

Actually, there is sound, just no voices. Yes, it is random. Yes, it is short. The randomness I will keep, the length I will improve in future installments of this series. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hm, whats the word of the day, today...

I only review films with cool titles and a hefty amount of baggage. Did I spell baggage correctly? Oh damn it. Hold on, before I get into the review, let me just confirm this, otherwise it will eat at my skull for the rest of forever.

Hm. Although Webster agrees with the spelling of Baggage, I find myself at a new loss. I do not believe thats the word I meant to use. Thinking back, I'm almost positive its not the right word for the situation, and rereading what I had written earlier proves this. It just doesnt make a lick of sense!

There are really only two other words I might have meant, and they are either 'Cabbage' or 'Bilbo Baggins'. So for the sake of the correct word and all things generally correct, I will pretend to rewrite the original compliment with the new word in place of the old. Hm, here we go.

"I only review films with cool titles and a hefty amount of cabbage." Although an interesting ring, I'm not sure if thats what I meant. I may be wrong. Anyways, lets see how Bilbo stands. "I only review films with cool titles and a hefty amount of Bilbo Baggins." No that is definitely not right either. Oh fucking hell, this game is difficult.

Wait! That's it! I know what I meant to write! Oh god, it was so obvious. So blatantly obvious and right there, in the middle of my face. Okay, so lets start this review over. Ahem, lets start this review over, the 'CORRECT' way...

I only review films with lots of titties and a hefty amount of baggage. You see, its all about tits and ass these days. Tits tits tits, I love tits.

Cenarion responds:

WTF. That is undoubtedly the longest, strangest, and most off-topic review I have ever read. My god.

Liked it :D

This was kinda fun :)
A little short and whould be so mutch more funnier with voices

Cenarion responds:

Thanks. I'm going to try voices for the next cartoon (but I'm sick as a dog right now and can't speak well) and I do hope to make future installments a bit longer.


it was alright, but WAY too short.

Cenarion responds:

I'm going to make future installments in this series longer.

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Credits & Info

2.07 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2006
5:10 PM EDT
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