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When An Emo Cries

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We all hate emos, so here's a little cartoon abou what happens when we make them cry.

to anyone who may be offended at me pulling the piss at emos, i dont care :) Cheers for the comments everyone, this cartoon is great for starting debates :)

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FNNNNYYEEAAAHH!! I remember seeing this for the first time, and just being at awe of how abrupt and awesome the viking was. Totally unexpected, still gets me to this day.

what the hell dude...

why u hate emo?! wtf did they do to you?

w-w-w-w-w-whyyyyyyyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cry now and i not dead waaaaaaaaaaaaa you a mean emo hater

Awesome flash. Always make me laugh!! STill as awesome as the day it came out!!

And to all you emos who are so offened by this, GET A LIFE!!

How many of your friends get disemboweled by a Viking from old country? You cant tell me that everytime you "cut"you arms you do it with a butterknife!? Come on now, stop being even bigger cry babys. Oh and before you go all "OH she dont understand our way of livfe, blah blah blah!" I AM alertantive and and i dont cry to the creator saying its crap( when this was created in 2006 before all you douches jumped on the badwagon.)

So do us a favour and go troll somewhere else and leave creators alone who make awesome flashes and do something productive with your life.