Nim moves to College

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Well anyways Ive been working all day on this..and since this is going to be the begining of the episode id like to know what you all think of it so far..before I spend another week on it or so.

if you have any idea's on what to add or change or if you want to help with this new series you can just message me here or on my website.

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bit map trace work was not to bad, is there going to be a continuation of the story line, cause he did not quite make it to College, the plot could be a little stronger.

just keep trying.

Lol ew

Nice artwork style, for the most part, but you need more practice in animation. If I were you, I would try to avoid tracing over bitmap images as much as possible, as they ruin the "taste" of the movie. Only artists like Swain can make tracing over bitmaps work ;).

Keep trying though! You look like you have a lot of potential =)


Furrowed brow

What was that? Was that the whole episode? The character designs were suprisingly good, but what was with... EVERYTHING else? Animation was severely lacking in....good. Punchline did not make any sense, totally pointless for what seemed like some very interesting looking characters.

Cute flick

Cute, short, with snappy pacing and nicely drawn characters.

If there were two things I didn't like about it, I'd have to mention that the photo-edited sprites were a bit off. They didn't quite blend with the 2-d drawn characters as well as I'd like. The white outline around the car was particularly annoying.

The perspective was off in a few scenes--distractingly so. Most notable among these were the packing scene, where the boxes are simply squares, while the house has some depth. The two didn't blend. Worse was the scene with the two cars on a road--the road was at a different angle than the cars.

I didn't like the graphics

Your characters where well drawn but you really shouldn't have put a picture of a real-life car, I could see the white outline; they looked weird.
anyway, i see you have some skill, you could do much better, you should also work on your story line.

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2.20 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2006
10:18 PM EST