N00bkebob #16

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the ending to N00bQueen´s part can be found in N00bkebob #01 wich also includes the prequel to N00bKing´s part.


Yet another fine Kebob!

I loved the menu music <3

This kebob had few parts! But there were good enough to compense the amount =P

King's part was pretty good. The atmosphere was well done, and the drawings weren't bad, but I missed the usual hilarity in King's movies.

Queen got the prize this time. Definately. All the backgrounds were nice, and the characters had this Queen's "special style". I always find Speakonia voices catchy, and this time wasn't an exception. Also, the final touch with the laughing evil wolf made me piss my pants :D

Great job!

N00bNation responds:

To bad about your pants man :p

Random shit

I was hoping from your flash picture , that was a good movie. That was not.

The first movie of the robot is really real crap. Its not even funny a second and we dont care if he nuke a city or not , thats pointless.
Maybe next time do it a little bit faster.

The second movie was a lot better. The sound was good , but next time use a real microphone. But it was so short and not funny at all...

Just watch this movie if you have nothing else to watch.


it was kinda weird maby u should make it longer

N00bNation responds:

longer ey?! well this was one of our shortest.


HAHAHAHAHHA all ive got to say

N00bNation responds:


Another awesome kebob.


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2.64 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2006
4:24 PM EST
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