Ode to Crayola

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Some things might be off because i added the preloader at the end because i didnt really plan on putting this on here.


This is well made

Its a well made version of a lemon demon song. It didny get out of synk the whole time maybe im wrong. The graphices where nice besides the stickman and a few other things. The guy holding the rose just made me laugh. This should be in the lemon demon collecton. I hope to see more from you.

funny & original...w/ a box of 96 =D

it wuz better than i thought it wuz gonna b, i gotta give credit 2 the maker of dis, i never woulda thought 2 do a ode 2 crayola, lol. i dont feel as tho i wasted my time watching this =D


NOt bad just needs smoother animation and mabey somthing more then stick-men

keep up the flash work


I really enjoyed the concept and the overall design. The interpretations of the color names were great. Whereas other animators might keep it concrete and just show pictures of actual crayons, you made it interesting with all the creatures, etc. The only things that held it back were the mediocre animation skills and drawing quality. But it was an original video, so keep it up and I know you have the potential to make some entertaining animations.

ComfortablePillow responds:

thankya, it was my first flash project besides, two very retarded shorts, so it was realy me trying to learn the program, next stuff i get on here i hope you can review and be like "wee that was some great animation and concept!"

Not bad

Not bad in fact I liked it. The music was catchy, the animating wasnt so good though...

I salute you!

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2.81 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2006
3:52 PM EST
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