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Ode to Crayola

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Some things might be off because i added the preloader at the end because i didnt really plan on putting this on here.



NOt bad just needs smoother animation and mabey somthing more then stick-men

keep up the flash work

funny & original...w/ a box of 96 =D

it wuz better than i thought it wuz gonna b, i gotta give credit 2 the maker of dis, i never woulda thought 2 do a ode 2 crayola, lol. i dont feel as tho i wasted my time watching this =D

not bad

kinda weard for some one to make an ode to a crayon company.

Lemon Demon = Neil Cicierega

No he not the Lemon Demon..that would be Neil Cicierega, Submitter of The ultimate Showdown, and Snakes on a Plane..as well as the major hit Hyakugojyuuchi

It was OK, and i liked it only because its Ode To Crayola..But you have to give Lemon Demon better credit!!!

Take this down, get better at flash and return with a work of art fit for Lemon Demon.

what the last guy said

it was decent. good enough to protect. its ok. improve on graphics and try to animate a little better, 5/10 it was okay

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Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2006
3:52 PM EST
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