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Roll Giraffe

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This is my first submission to Newgrounds, so I'm very open to criticisms and such. I made it quickly (less than 2 hours) for my Multimedia class and, as such, it is very brief.

I might turn Roll Giraffe into a series of sorts, later movies would obviously be longer.

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Simple, short and sweet.
Very original, brilliant concept and it was actually kinda funny.

a waist of time

very stupid

Well done

This was an excellent first submission. You have a very unique animation style that is well complimented by the music that you have included. Your plot needs some serious work, though. In addition to that; this flash was a bit short, I hope the next time you submit something it is a bit longer.

With a bit more ambition and effort: I can see you making front page.


That was great. I loved your style of art, reminds me of the Another Day series. <3 this flash.

Simple and entertaining...

I like that this is simple and entertaining. It doesn't relie on anything that has been done. The giraffe rolling around instead of walking is definitely different and a nice sort of different at that.

Good job, nice musical choice as well.