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Join NN!!!


Another swell kebob!

This one had some great parts!

King's was simply hilarious, with some great drawings, animation, a really funny voice acting!

Queen's was funny aswell! The random and useless talking is quite usual in Dragonball as far as I know :P

Drunken's had its moments! The randomness is there as always, but I expected some kickass ending...oh well :D

And what about Cricket's? The drawings were really nice, but nothing really interesting happened, what a pity :(

Great job everyone!

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N00bNation responds:

Queen: but dont you like the orgasmic soundtrack i added to crickets movie? :P

Funny Stuff

I'll start with the funniest, I cried a little when I first (I've watched it several times now) watched N00bKing's even though it was a little slow to start. N00bQueen's was pretty funny and I liked the really stupid noise the energy thing made. DrunkenN00b, yours was random and I think you need help, I loved it. CricketN00b yours was lacking a little in everything except graphics, try to have some sort of story no matter how random or stupid it may be.

Random again! Keep it up.

The first one, NOObQueen's was hilarious. DBZ with Goku and an evil Pig fighting over a Dragonball. The Pig was random and the ending was funny. The second one, DrunkenNOOb, was the funniest one. I like the DDR music that you put in that movie clip. The third one, NOObKing, was weird and not entertaining, but random. The fourth one, CricketNOOb had really nice animation but it was really short and nothing was going on. This flash is random and I liked it.
Not bad.


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N00bNation responds:

your reviews always makes me happy :)


haha i like the balloon sound when goku charges the fireball

N00bNation responds:

crappy but still worth a seven eh?!
then i guess crappyness is good :D

Cannibal: The Musical!

I give you a 2 only because you used Swan's song from Cannibal: The Musical, the greatest film ever made. As for the cartoon, stop using TTS and improve your drawing.

N00bNation responds:

this aint timetrials.

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2.90 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2006
9:01 AM EST
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