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Super Biology Adventure

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Author Comments

The game is complete! Post your stats!

Shoot. Eat. Grow. Bosses! Tip: Eating enemy bullets also fills up your power meter, and fast!

This game requires Flash 8! Adjust controls and settings in the options menu.



A cute chick voice. That always gets your attention from the go, doesn't it?

A creative game, that took an AGE to pass. There were, indeed, a variety of enemies, but once I discovered you could swallow their bullets (yes, I know I didn't read the tutorial properly) it became all too easy to pass. Just charge up the massive laser and wipe any virus too large to consume. Perhaps if you didn't get quite as much energy from the bullets it would at least help a little. Being able to swallow the enemy projectiles kind of neutralised the idea of having a weapon at all.

This reminded me somewhat, of a game called Bloodbug, though inverted. Not to advertise or anything, but anyone looking for a nifty little game should search for it on Newgrounds.

Anyways, for such a lengthy game, and admittedly, a very repetative one, I have to say that the ending was something of a let down. Maybe you could add different weapons or different types of anti-viruses as a bonus or something of the sort. Just to keep it interesting, you know?

Anyways, marvellously done, with classic gaming music. A nice 9/10.


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kool game

this game was great! i gave sound a 10 cause i listened to my ipod the whole time, but im gonna assume it was great. probably the best part of it was that with the suckin thing, i got it it to sing bohemian rhapsody.it looked like it was singin. it was funny...

Great game

This game is just great. The pink thing just remind me like Kirby, because they both absorb things. The shooter to make the enemies small, I've never saw such a game with that and to combine that, this game is very original to my opinion.
Not it is only a great game, the graphics are fantastic. The anime girl is very cutely draw and the backgrounds are great.
The sound, I like the sounds you used, it's fits with the game and the voice quality from the girl is good, you can hear clearly what she say. The tuturial thing is great and especially great for people who don't know how to play this game, yeah, at first I didn't know too.
A few things, is about the controls, I think it's easier if you configure the controls with the arrows from the beginning if you begin with the game instead of always to go to the options menu.
I think people automatic will use the arrows.
In the options menu, you have to make clearer more which controls you must use for the shooter and the absorbing, with the arrows or with the WASD, so people don't get confused which one to use in the game. In overall, this game is to great for words.

the speaking girl was really annoying.

do you really think i need to be told "watch out!" AFTER ive been hit? no. get rid of her and you will have a good game.

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gel responds:

We're aware some people may not like the voice, which is why put in the option to change the voice volume separately from the sound fx and music (you can slide that bar all the way down to 0).

Glad you liked the game though!

Isnt a vaccine a weakened virus that can't win?

i mean, im no biologist (i dunno about you) but vaccines are altered viruses that can't attach to cells and can't multiply, and can't harm you either.

Either way, good game.

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Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2006
5:53 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight