Super Biology Adventure

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The game is complete! Post your stats!

Shoot. Eat. Grow. Bosses! Tip: Eating enemy bullets also fills up your power meter, and fast!

This game requires Flash 8! Adjust controls and settings in the options menu.


lol not exactly how it happens but still fun

armor games never dissappoints (rarely)
i must admit, i wish things got this exciting under the microscope
some parts were just nuts
other parts were too easy, overall though the game was great -- i may be slightly biased tho hehe

This game is amazing

The only advice I can offer is to make different game types, otherwise, keep up the great work!

gel responds:

I agree! I did want to make different game types... I'll have to look into it now! Thanks!


Great art, great coding, GREAT sound and music!! What more could you ask for? Nothing! You could ask for nothing more! Oh, [ahem] anyway. Good job guys. I think more people should have such awesome music in their games! Eh? Eh? Anyone?

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Very cute, I really like it

I did find an exploit though. You can charge up the bar, tap the secondary fire to use up 1 level in the bar, and charge it back up to full again. This makes for really easy weapon levels. (I was gaining weapons levels with only seconds apart) Still, I really enjoyed playing through this game.

I didn't keep the stats for my first play, so I went to play it again and got the following:

Enemies killed: 117
Enemies eaten: 432
Times died: 0
End size: 153.32
Weapon level: 157

gel responds:

Hehe, that's not an exploit. There's no rule that you have to fill 3 levels each time to level up. I use that strategy myself! Level 157 is pretty high though! I wonder how long you played, haha. Glad you liked it!

Great game!

Very nice game. Pretty basic, no powerups or anything, but still good!
Good job on this creation!

By the way: here are my stats:

Enemies Killed: 213
Enemies Eaten: 431
Times Died: 2
End Size: 173.4
Weapon Level: 31

C'mon people, beat this!

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2006
5:53 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight