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After 6 months, a sleepless night, and about ten thousand lines of coding, Commando 3 has arrived! Read the instructions carefully, and report any bugs you find - I'll try to fix them and upload a new version ASAP. Be patient until the preloader appears! *v 1.6:* I'm pretty sure I fixed the save bug now. Check the corner of the main menu to see which version you're playing.


Boring and copied

You obviously copied that from red alert 2, the special weapons, the ifv's, the flack troopers, the g.i.'s, it's obviusly copied, and 2nd of all... it was so boring after the 3rd match, you just do the same thing over and over again just with new weapons and the weapons aren't even that great...


I've never played Red Alert or Red Alert 2. I copied it from Command & Conquer : Generals, one of the sequels to those games.

Keep it up man!

I've been a long time fan of the Commando Series and Commando III is really good! However, next time you should make so that you can destroy the buildings, but your base has defenses. I can't wait until Commando VI


VI means 6, I think you're talking about IV. :)

this is the stuff that P.Os me.

Awptics5060 Overall Score: 6


General: So many bugs, and every single one is so frustrating.
such as how it just deselects randomly, or how your units wont attack until you click the Picture of the X-Hair, and after they kill the nearest enemy, they stop. Meaning you cant do anything else, because you're forced to sit there clicking that "Attack Nearest Enemy" button, in fear of your units becoming sitting ducks.

In CTF Mode: You make a vehicle and send him to get the flag, but once he gets it, he just goes to the enemy base and starts attacking. You select him a million times, and click frantically for him to go back, but he just doesnt listen.

Please Respond!

im writing this because he couldnt respond back but im pritty sure this is wat he would say if he could

i didnt hold the mouse button down while moving around so it is just a glich in your game to dislecet cant you just execpt that you have a buged game??

and wat that other guy meant bye the slelecting tiles 4 the flag creater to change back to white is that in the campaing mode where you get to deisinged ( sry 4 spelling) a flag once youve changed the color you cant get white on there anymore.

btw i did read the tourtail and i asure you i dont need to again.

i try to help the ussers instead of the creators.

and yes i have not made any flashes or havent any flash exp. but thats not wat im good at im good at being extremly cruel to the peeps that do make flashes.


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I won't accept that this game is buggy, because that has never happened to me in the six months I've been playing it, so you're playing it incorrectly. Either that or the game just goes freakishly slowly in a browser, in which case you ought to download the game and play it through a standalone player instead.

Can't get white any more? I'm sorry, but that's just plain not true. There are four ways to do this:

1.) Set all the RGB sliders to the top, which will give you white.
2.) Type FFFFFF into the hexadecimal colour text field.
3.) Use the eyedropper tool on some existing white.
4.) Type FFFFFF into the tiles on your map data box that you want to change.


that was awesome dude!

good shit

WTF is that guy smokin?
good shit

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Apr 1, 2006
5:45 AM EST
Strategy - Artillery