mocha n alien

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take a peek at this flash and tell me what you like and what you dont like. please leave useful information on how to better my work. please dont leave any nonsense!!!! thankyou?? ENJOY!!!!



Brilliant flash, but whyyyyy does the kid win in the Adult flick? You gotta be kidding me! Gwahahaha


the kids' flick is 100% better. free of cock rock and stupid eye movements scenes. good production value though.

good but not that good

i like how u put the buttuns for adult and kids i like that but i dont think that willstop them. the voice overs are really bad they sound like squiky noise and when the music played i could bearly hear the alein say meet my little friend. i had to put my spaekers very loud just to hear that and the voices arelow to also if u fixed those two u could have gotten a better score.

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clarity, clarity

what the hell was eing said in that! sounded like a submerged hippo blowing bubbles through a 'magic mic' soud needs to be improved loads! so I can't tell wether it's funny or not but it is annoying. Animation was great as were the graphics, but it meant nothing as I couldn't follow the story.

it was good

and funny, but the sound could have been better, also thers one glitchy kinda bit in it - in the adult toon or version or w/e the girls head dissapears, just for a split second when the are looking at each other. apart from that welldone hope it survives!

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3.39 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2006
1:31 AM EST
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