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hope you were just kidding

I hope you were just kidding about hating fat badger becasue in fact his flashes are actually good. And if the clock crew made this flash I would be disapointed. fat badgers first flashes were also simple and short like the clock crews.

This wasnt really good because the clock jsut stood there saying how much he hated the badger. Im only rating this a 6 because of the graphics becase the strawberryclock kiled his own clocks when they tried to walk away lol and because he kept saying the word fuck while insulting.

Fat_Badger fails

Heh, so true. Get a life Fat Badger, you piece of shit. Thanks to him the portal is full of shit now. Thanks for making this. Now i hope he stops making a mess of this site. I don't really like clocks, but Fat_Badger needs to STFU.

*tsk tsk tsk*

you have no life do you?
know how i can tell?
because you made this flash that all it does is insult another person who makes flash
a person who feels so strongly about badgers flashes like that should go get a life and chill out
cant you just make friends with the badger? after all...

There are 8 species of badger, in 3 families: Melinae, Mellivorinae, Taxideinae. The Asiatic stink badgers of the genus Mydaus were formerly included in the Melinae, but evidence indicates that these are actually Old World relatives of the skunk.

P.S. Fat Badger doesnt care what you think of him btw
as long as you people get so mad at him he will keep makeing stuff that makes the people like me laugh and the people like you do shit like this cuz you have no life
later loser


you should win the Nobel War Prise for that Figgen AWESOME FLASH......and.....FATBADGER SUX


lol, speak for yourself strawberry, excluding B.

this is a godly flash, i hate him too, but the cock crew is kind of funny.
but this could get flagged for being hateful. but he deserves it.

im not sure if fat badger is in the cock crew or not but the underdog of the week (right at the time i submitted this) is quite funny, and it was by them, i think.

die badger

P.S i spam the BBS (kidding)

good work, i also found it funny when he was killing random clocks that were trying to walk by. good job.