The Simpsons: A Quiz v.2

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Hi! Well, this is my second attempt at a Simpsons quiz, and, believe me, this one is a lot better than my other one. I added a background colour, audio, extras, mulltiple difficulty settings... anyway, I added a lot. I would appreciate it if you could leave reviews saying what I could improve on... anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to 'The Simpsons Beyond Forever', too.


Easy :)

The simpsons is one of the longest running cartoon series of all time, you cant fool me when it comes to hard questions about them :).

Anyway, great idea for a quiz, people like testing how well they know something and beleive me, people like the simpsons.

The only real flaw would be the graphics, maybe some pictures throughout the questions?, anyway good game.

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Frenzy responds:

Yeah, I know I probably should have had some more questions... sorry about that! Anyway, thanks for your reivew. I was actually thinking of adding some pictures to it, but then (for some unknown reason) I diminished the idea... now that I think about it that might now have been the right decision...

Thnaks a lot for the review!

Too short

^^Good Points^^
I liked the music and different sound effects used during the test. I've never heard that song and it was interesting to hear. Everything in the quiz seemed to work pretty well. The questions for each difficulty are good choices.

^^Needs Improving^^
Like I said in the title, this quiz is far too short. It's only five questions for each difficulty. I didn't like how one had to start the quiz over when they got a question wrong, since answering the same questions over again is just a waste of time. The graphics are also really bland in this. Try making a background for it with some of the characters. I also didn't really like the famous quotes part of this. There were only three qutoes, and since you've made a soundboard of this show, you could have added the sounds in to spice this up a little bit.

Overall, this just looks unfinished to me. More questions and spruced up graphics would really do this quiz a service.

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Frenzy responds:

Yeah, I'm using a profgram (KoolMoves), and I noly have the demo, so I couldn't save! I had to work on it in one run!

Good quiz

Just needs more questions. I aced the quiz, and there was little replay value after that. You had a very small amount of sounds and the questions (for me) on hard were actually pretty easy. You didn't have the "right click and forward" trick, so that was very important for this quiz. Overall, good questions, but needs more and has little replay value.
Grade: C-

Frenzy responds:

Thanks for reviewing.

My favorite submission of yours yet

~The good~

I liked the sounds from the backgrounds the most, they were pretty funny and I've never heard them before so that was a funny thing. Also, the questions were well done, not too impossible but still pretty challenging.

~The bad~

Obviosely the main problem is the shortage of questions, I would've liked a medium difficulty as well :\ One question that bugged me on the easy difficulty is the "what tv show did the simpsons first appear on", luckily I guessed and got it right, but I doubt many people know that. Also, most of the questions on the hard difficulty have to do with certain epsiodes, so if you didn't see them you may be screwed. Another thing I would've liked to see is, instead of going straight to the begining when you miss a question, you should just be rated in the end. My last request is some more pictures, you can definetely make it a lot less dull if you added pictures on every question, like on the "what the dog's name", you could've had a picture of the dog.

Overall, a pretty cool quiz, it's done better than most, but still could be better. I hope to see some more work from you in the future. I hope my review was helpful!


Frenzy responds:

Thanks a lot for your comments! It's rare I get a review this in depth... I really appreciate it! Thanks for reviewing my other 2 submissions as well!

I understand that this quiz had a shortage of questions. I would have loved to have added more, but I can't save on the program I was using, so I had to do it all in one run! Also, I was using frame by frame, so I had to
make a new frame for every single question, and a new frame for every single 'correct' answer. If I make another quiz, though, I will probably add more questions too it.

Yes, I do realize (or at least now I do) that a lot of the questions on the 'Harder' difficulty were related to specific episodes. I apologize about that.

Also, I was going to add pictures, but ultimately I decided not too; now that I think about it that probably wasn't the right decision to make... sorry about that!

Thanks for the 3/5, thanks for saying that this is your favourite submission of mine yet, and thanks for your review! I don't get a lot of new reviews, so it is almost always a pleasure when I do get a new new one. Thanks a lot!


a bit 2 easy and boring too
the background is all yellow. You could put some simpsons pics
u should rly improve this it's good but u need more questions too
i like the sound i laughed a bit with those jokes in the quiz =D

I hope u improve this cuz i'm a real simpsons fan

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Mar 31, 2006
5:40 PM EST
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