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N00bkebob #13

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Happy b-day Christopher Walken!

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13, a bad luck number...

But not for this kebob! :D

Queen's part was...odd, even stranger than the rest of his work , but it was nice anyway :P Ironical, I'd say.

Pyscho's was totally random, but it made me laugh. The graphics were simple, but they fitted really well with the stuff.

And finally my favorite in this kebob, Drunken's. The first part was kind of an introduction and it was quite boring, but then it went much, much better :D That song was hilarious, I have to ask him his name :P

A great kebob, I have enjoyed this one very much! :D

N00bNation responds:

This was the first kebob after drunken had revived the crew. All hail drunken.


Ahh pick up the pieces, who doesn't love this song? AWB are teh rawks

Not sure why....

I really dont know why I like it, but it somehow actually made me laugh out loud. Then again, can anything with Christopher Walken ever be bad?
I also like some of the music. Good job.

This is random and I like it.

The menu is pretty funny, I got a good laugh when you put that guys face on Napolean Dynamite body while he was dancing. All of the little movies were totally random. My favorite one was with the Bacon and then he farted. I guess Bacon makes people fart. This flash was random and I liked it. Good Work.


N00bNation responds:

We love you to! XD


We're back again! hurrah. Good randomness all round.

N00bNation responds:

Alive and kickin!